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When is Your Business Ready to Reopen After the Covid Shutdown and How Can You Reopen Safely?

July 21, 2020,

Helping your business survive and keeping your employees safe in these unpredictable times will require a great deal of strategic planning.


3 Steps to Become a Successful Leader During COVID-19

July 14, 2020,

Lack of leadership during a crisis is becoming evident as the impact of Coronavirus on businesses rise. Read and learn how to be a successful business leader.


Set SMART Goals Before Reopening Your Business After the Lockdown

July 13, 2020,

Before you reopen, keep these things in mind, some you must do immediately and others you should decide later.


What the Road to Recovery Looks Like For 3 Small Business Owners

July 8, 2020,

Read about three entrepreneurs in hard-hit industries and what the new normal looks like for their small businesses.

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How To Protect & Grow the Value of Your Business During a Pandemic

July 2, 2020, 11:00am EDT

Understand the value of your business today, and how to take advantage of the abundance of opportunities that exist to protect and grow your business value.  Read more

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Infographic: The Impact of COVID-19 on Startups - June 2020

SCORE surveyed pre-startups and startups in June 2020 about how covid-19 has affected their businesses, and this infographic highlights the findings. Read more


Networking for the Virtual Age

June 26, 2020,

The benefit of virtual networking is that even those who despise the traditional method will embrace this process with ease.


Balancing Work, Family, and Life Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

June 23, 2020,

As we adapt to new working arrangements due to COVID-19, we also need to find new ways to balance work, family and everyday routine.

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Protecting Your Business From Fraud

June 18, 2020, 1:00pm EDT

Smart tips for auditing your business finances as well as ways to monitor for potential risks to keep your business safe from fraud. Read more

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How a Consultant Can Use Their Time Effectively Under Quarantine

June 17, 2020,

Independent consultants can use their time effectively, even without an accountability partner, with these 4 core time management principles.

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How to Perfect Your Pitch

June 16, 2020, 12:00pm EDT

This free, recorded webinar will help you master the art of persuasion and learn how to pitch your product or business to potential investors. Read more

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How Female Founders Can Innovate and Disrupt the World of Business

June 16, 2020, 11:00am EDT

This webinar will provide insights for women who want to innovate and disrupt the world of business – to grow faster, stronger, and soar globally for a better tomorrow. Read more

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